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Eddie Cibrian ,also known as Cole Deschanel on Sunset Beach, joined the cast of Sunset Beach in February, 1997 as a jewel thief. Eddie's career launched when he landed a job doing a Coca-cola comercial on his very first audition. Since then you have been able to see Eddie on "The Bold and the Beautiful," "The Young and the Restless," "Beverly Hills: 90210", and "Saved By the Bell: the College Years." Cibrian is also pursuing a degree in economics at UCLA. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, football, tennis, and basketball. He is involved in a number of charity organizations, including the Make a Wish Foundation, the American Paralysis Association, and Stitches, a group in South Central Los Angeles that provides kids with an alternative to gangs. He is single and lives in Toluca Lake, California. His birthday is June 18. There's more coming, just give me time to get my homepage started, Thanks, Steph You can write Eddie at: Eddie Cibrian Sunset Beach c/o NBC 3000 West Alameda Ave. Burbank, CA 91523


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